Paling Fences

Paling fences are one of the most popular fence types and can be manufactured in a range of styles to suit your requirements. Paling fences can have exposed or hidden posts. Exposed posts are visible from both sides of the fence and increase its cosmetic appeal.

Double Lapped and Capped

This style has overlaping palings and is our most popular style. Both double lapping and capping extend the fence life and look good. It is also the best for noise reduction due to the double paling thickness and multi angled planes which help break sound up to reduce echo. This style is also regularly used in roadside sound barrier fencing.

Double Lapped and Hardwood capped
Double lapped palings with a hardwood cap. This fence type has a long life, looks nice and will act as a sound barrier.

Plain / Open style

This style of fence has a single layer of palings that can be spaced to allow for good ventilation or butted togeather to increase privacy and help reduce road noise and wind.

Plain paling fences can also benefit from being capped to help increase the fence life and cosmetic appeal.

Standard Palings butted togeather
Tightly butted palings. Open style, single layer.

Closely spaced palings

Tightly butted palings

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